Teething Necklaces

If you’ve ever held a baby, you know how much they love to grab and chew. Wearing typically gold and silver jewelry is extremely bad and dangerous for a child to grab and suck on. We feel that our products offer a better alternative to hair pulling, skin pinching, glasses twisting, etc. All the things babies routinely do – without any ‘teaching’ at all! Little ones NEED to explore – it’s cruci...al to their development – so why not give them a safe product that will soothe and entertain while easing your frustration as a parent? Going out to dinner, sitting in church, standing line at the grocery store -let your busy baby play. As with every stage, endless grabbing shall pass. But when your little one is reaching for everything in sight, it’s great to have a handy product that will safely satisfy their curiosity. And if Mom can look stylish in the process, all the better
This necklace is strung on a silky string with a safety breakaway clasp. As always our beads are made of soft and flexible silicone making them both pretty and pratical. We use the highest quality, phthalate/BPA/PVC free, and federally approved silicone. Non-toxic, latex and lead-free, food-safe, even dishwasher friendly.

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